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Gaze_EEG: ANR Blanc (N° 0330-04)

L'ANR a sélectionné dans son programme blanc pour les Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication le projet "GAZE & EEG. Il s'agit de mettre au point un système synchronisant les signaux EEG et l'eye-tracking pour étudier plus finement la cognition et aboutir à des modèles cognitifs computationnels réalistes.


Actual trends in brain research are to seek convergence between different methodologies (neuro-imaging, eye movements and population of patients) in order to exploit the complementarities of the different paradigms. In this project, we will focus on the joint electroencephalogram (EEG) and eye tracking (ET) information for a non invasive exploration of the neural activities of the human brain. The motivation is to demonstrate the strong added value of this joint acquisition and processing in the understanding of the spatial distribution of the neural activities and their time course during cognitive tasks. ET information provides for the EEG signal processing, a pure reference of eye movements in order to remove such artifacts in the EEG signals. Conversely the neural activities extracted with a high temporal resolution by EEG signals expand the ET information along the scanpath. The motivation is to obtain electrophysiological markers of saccades generation and the fixations processing related to cognitive tasks with ecological paradigms as far as possible. A similar technique called EFRPs (Eye-Fixation-Related Potentials) has been first pioneered by T.Baccino (2005) and the ANR project aims to go further in the EEGs analyses.

Gaze_EEG: ANR Blanc (N° 0330-04)Gaze_EEG: ANR Blanc (N° 0330-04)


ANR Programme Blanc (N° 0330-04)


GIPSA-Lab (Grenoble): Coordinateur: A: Guerin-Dugué

LPNC (Grenoble)

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Thierry Baccino